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Having spent the last 35 years immersed in the study, practice and teaching of yoga, I feel more then ever that these universal Ancient teachings and practices can transform our lives, especially in these uncertain turbulent times.

Growing up in South Africa I went through a period of extreme turmoil and questioning. During that time I was completely moved and inspired by some Monks and Yogis that I met from the Himalayas, and about the same time I heard Classical Indian music on the Sitar. These experiences changed my life and direction.

I trained as a meditation teacher with the T.M movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Soon after that I went to India via Greece and immersed myself in the study of Yoga and Classical Indian music. I explored many different styles and approaches to yoga in the over eight years I lived there, and I share this approach in the way I teach.

John teaches a World Music Course at York College. He taught Yoga as a therapy for at risk teenagers at the Children's Home of York and at the Lutheran Home, a senior citizens center. He currently provides Yoga Therapy at a rehab facility in York.


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Jen has been teaching yoga for over a decade, and holds a 500 hour professional level yoga teaching certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Yoga and Zen awareness practice as taught by Cheri Huber have transformed Jen's life, and she loves to share these powerful practices.

Jen offers a weekly group relaxation phone call program – almost as delicious as a yoga class, without having to go anywhere – all you need is a phone! Learn more at

Jen is also a Certified Life Coach and Business Coach with a background in education and counseling, and the author of Bring on the Joy! How to Unleash the Power of Joy in Your Life. She helps her clients find more joy, wellbeing, purpose and peace in life, and achieve important goals like starting or growing a business, finding work they love, or finding and nurturing a rewarding relationship. Jen is committed to running her coaching business in an eco-friendly way, and gives a portion of all proceeds to charity.

If you or someone you know would like more information about Jen's life coaching and business coaching services, please contact Jen at or call 717.848.3597.

Gabriela Szabo-Carney (Gabi)

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The moment I took my first yoga class in 2002 I was hooked and since then I have had a regular yoga practice. Yoga leaves me feeling inches taller from the asanas (stretches) and brings peace in my heart from the pranayama (breath work). This was all it took to make yoga a permanent part of my life.

As my dedication to yoga grew I looked to deepen my practice and 3 children later I gratefully completed my 200 hour RYT teacher training in 2012 at Baltimore Yoga Village.

Nothing brings me greater joy than to share my passion for yoga with others. Everyone can benefit from yoga no matter how flexible or strong. I teach to share what I love.

"My goal is to help students build strength in their bodies, to create peace in their hearts and stillness in their minds. Namaste"


Samia Abreu

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Samia Abreu experienced her first yoga class in 2008 in her home country, Brazil. After relocating to the United States in 2011, she decided to leave the telecommunications industry in which she had worked for more than 10 years in order to pursue her dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga On Orange in Lancaster, PA in April 2013. Samia is also a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher and she has been taking an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist training at Himalayan Institute in PA.

For Samia, yoga is not just "exercise" but rather a way of living life. As an instructor, it is her goal to transmit her passion for yoga to students and share her enthusiasm and knowledge to help others to improve both their physical and emotional well-being. She loves yoga and she brings the gift of this love to her teaching.


Maggie Jane, Yoga Practitioner of 20 Years, 200 RYYT, Aerial Yoga 1, 2, 3, and 4 training completion.

Maggie Jane is a corporate and personal wellness coach, personal trainer, and also teaches many forms of group fitness classes. She also enjoys the fun aspect of Aerial Yoga for athletes, kids, adults, and seniors.

"It really builds confidence in all who enter the studio!"

Megan Woodland Hewitt (Donley)

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Megan Woodland Hewitt brings compassion, depth, creativity and joy to her work as a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, artist, musician, and Reiki master. She believes in the power of movement, song, meditation, intention and community to heal individuals and the collective.

Megan became interested in meditation, spiritual studies and personal growth as a young teenager after a fall which broke part of her lower back, wrist and ankle, causing a lot of physical and emotional pain. She struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood and developed an eating disorder as a young adult, all of which lead to a deep desire to heal herself and help others find healing.

Graduating from the PA School of Spiritual Healing in 2006, Megan has studied energy work extensively and is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. She holds a B.A. in Art and Art History/Studio Art with a minor in Religious Studies from Dickinson College and obtained her 200 hour YTT certification from Yoga on Orange in Lancaster, Pa in 2010.

Desiring to bring conscious community and creativity to downtown York, Pa, Megan was the owner of Lotus Moon Yoga and Creative Healing Arts center from 2011-2015 and she closed the studio when her heart called her to focus more on her own healing, art and music (she has a band called The Wild Hymns). Now teaching yoga privately, in schools and at House of Yoga and Yoga Home in York, Pa, Megan plans to complete her 500 hour teacher training in the coming years. Megan began studying Zen meditation with her teacher, Cheri Huber, in 2014 and meditation and “Awareness Practice” have become a part of her own practice and teaching. She resides in York, Pa with her husband Jeff, stepson Avery, two cats and dog.

Anette Langsdorf

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Anette Langsdorf is certified as an advanced 500 RYT teacher through Open Heart teacher training under the instruction of Ashley DiMeglio and Nicole Ness and is registered at Yoga Alliance.

A practitioner for 16 years, Anette is also certified to teach kids yoga, restorative and chair yoga and in 2003 became a group fitness instructor at the Southern York County YMCA teaching pilates and yoga.

She has attended Ayurveda workshops under the instruction of Roberta Strickler and has gained knowledge in energy healing, pure light healing and healing essences with Sharon Bibb.

Her in-depth knowledge and appreciation of yoga philosophy and the many advanced forms and varieties of western yoga styles are her strength and passion.

“I’m eager to always expand my knowledge and just as excited and passionate to share it within the York County community - improving and enriching the infrastructure of family life styles and the quality of life for their loved ones. Yoga is a never ending journey that I'm excited to share with you. I hope to meet you on the mat soon."

Dayna Hanlon-Pinkerton

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Dayna Hanlon-Pinkerton is a devoted yoga student, educator and certified yoga therapist, C-IAYT. She holds a BA in English and Psychology. Dayna is inspired by the rhythms, cycles and teachings of Nature and language, especially poetry, as well as the unique dynamic power of healing in each of us. Her classes, private sessions, and workshops are a grounded space to explore awareness from the physical body, to the energetic body, to the mind, to the Divine and back again.

As a yoga therapist, Dayna fosters an environment for students to inquire inward and to connect to their inherent knowing through the vast arena of yoga- be it breath, movement/stillness, questioning, listening, sound, prayer, meditation, relaxation. Dayna specializes in working with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, and pain.

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Megan Grandinetti

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Megan Grandinetti's journey with yoga began when she was just a teenager. She received her initial 200-hour training in the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Then one day, she walked into a teacher’s classroom, and his adjustments were so powerful and transformative that she kept going back. That teacher introduced her to the world of Ashtanga yoga.

Megan completed a 100-hour Ashtanga and vinyasa training program in New York, and has continued to practice and study with several well-known and revered Ashtanga teachers around the world. Her dedication to her own practice and to her continued learning as a teacher has cultivated a grounding and intuitive presence that permeates her life and her teaching. Megan's students come away from class feeling loved, supported and empowered in their practices.

Megan also offers healing bodywork in the form of Ayurvedic massage or craniosacral therapy.